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Jun 18

Also for DIYers...

Posted by C. Mason Hearn | Tags: DIY

I recall when I was a kid, picking-up a booklet on bicycle repair at a local bike shop in my hometown of Fredericksburg.  I inquired of the shop owner, the apparent conflict of interest that may lead to less repair business for him.  “We have plenty of repair business… if you want to do the repairs yourself, I’d like to help you”, he said.


I am sure that I was back to his shop later, buying parts with my grass-mowing dollars and seeking his expert and readily-available advice. 


Funny what memories one can dredge up from 30 years ago, when I sometimes cannot immediately recall my home

Jun 18

An Exhausting Topic

Posted by C. Mason Hearn | Tags: renovation, bathrooms

Something everyone should know about new or old bathrooms - ventilate!

As I see it, there are two reasons to have proper ventilation in a bath or powder room.  The first, to protect your home from excessive airborne moisture that will accumulate in the air during a tub bath or shower.  Moisture creates mold and deterioration of finishes and underlying structure.  Secondly, and even applicable to washrooms without showers, is the desire to exhaust (uhhh... how to politely say this?) unsavory odors which may occur from toilet use.

Bathrooms without windows are required by Code to have

Jun 04

What is the value?

Posted by C. Mason Hearn | Tags: value, remodeling
Somewhere during early conversations with almost every client, we are asked something to the effect of “Do you think we’ll build value with our proposed renovation?”


Naturally, I have had plenty of opportunity to build (what I think is) the proper response, which asks the homeowner to dig deeper regarding his or her definition of value.


From my perspective, there are essentially two types of value which one might consider, as one thinks about home improvements.  First, and obviously, is the increased potential real estate resale value as a result of improvements.  Second, is the intrinsic

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