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Oct 03

On Cabinet Refacing, Square Pegs and Round Holes

Posted by C. Mason Hearn in value, select contractor, renovation, remodeling, kitchens, bathrooms

Mason, enjoy your articles. After 12 years in the refacing business, I finally started my own co. What do you think of the laminate and veneer process? Since I am now also doing sales, I could use any sales pitches you might have.  Thanks!

Kirk B Reno, NV



Congratulations on taking the jump to ownership.  Remember, you're not your own boss... now you have so many more bosses - your customers!

I confess that when I first read your inquiry, I felt a bit like Sarah Palin being quizzed on the Bush Plan.  I want to fess up "Gee, gize, I'm not likely a good source to comment on the technicalities of the laminate and veneer process." 

Seriously, though, I do know that refacing offers a number of benefits for folks that wish to renew the appearance of their cabinets.  Compared to replacement, your system typically offers significant cost advantage, and far less disruption of the kitchen or bathroom.  I would consider refacing to be a greener alternative than wasteful disposal and the consumption of new cabinets.

So now let's talk about sales.  (OK, now this is Sarah talking about drillin' for oil!)

Your sales opportunities need to be fed by a marketing and PR plan and effort.  You can't sell it if folks don't know who you are and what you offer.  When the marketing works and you receive a prospect, DON'T make a "pitch".  Don't get me wrong - be responsive, by all means.  Rather, LISTEN to what your prospect wants, and determine whether your business may be well-suited to solve their problem.  Even better if you are UNIQUELY well-suited.  If this prospect's needs and your services are a "fit" for each other, let them know how so.  If not, tell them so and move on.

Is it about price?  Service?  Product features and benefits?  Trust?  Forge a relationship and become their partner.  The reward for selling RIGHT not only comes from making the sale; the bigger prize is that you should be able to service that customer to their delight.  You become paid, and likely receive referrals to three of their friends.

There are as many sales approaches as there are salesmen in this world.  Systematic selling is learned, and reinforced by habit.  I do recommend seeking-out a good sales coach to help you with that.  Try contacting the Sandler Sales Institute at

Every transaction, especially in our industry, would go so much smoother if BOTH sides of the deal would seek a "good-fit" relationship instead of posturing some position that the other cannot comfortably serve.  Think about it.  Be neither the buyer nor seller of the proverbial square peg for the round hole.  As so many of our readers are on the buying side of remodeling services, y'all keep that in mind!


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