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Aug 20

Mind the Gap

Posted by C. Mason Hearn in tile, remodeling, kitchens, handyman, cracks, countertops


We have remodeled our kitchen and are to the final stages of putting up a backsplash but have found that the wall seems to sink on one side of the room about a quarter of an inch. That is the gap between the wall and the new countertop. Any suggestions on how to level the wall so that the tile backsplash is even from one end of the countertop to the other? Your help is appreciated.

Thank you




Good question, Cece.  That’s not an uncommon condition, as countertops are typically dead-straight and walls behind may have some variation in plane.

 The solution is pretty easy for tile applications.  Prepare your wall by application of a thick coat of thinset with a deep-notched trowel on the “recessed” part of the wall.  While the thinset is still wet, drag a straight edge over the thinset, bringing it into plane with the remainder of the backsplash area.  Once that material is set-up, install your tile in the usual manner.

 Here’s one of my favorite tile tips also, that should help your backplash function as intended for a good long time.  When grouting, keep grout out of the joint between the countertop and tile (a strip of corrugated cardboard is a good thing to use for this).  After grouting is done, caulk that joint with an elatomeric sealant.  The sealant will flex with differential movement of the wall and countertop; where rigid grout would crack in fairly short order.

 Good luck with completion of your project!


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