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Jul 18

Earth-Friendly Systems Sources

Posted by C. Mason Hearn in select contractor, renovation, remodeling, HVAC, green, contractors


We are remodeling a home in Midlothian and we are trying to come up with very efficient and eco-friendly technology to integrate into the home including, solar panels, radiant heating, water recycling, geo thermal heating, heat recovery systems and smart technology.

 Is there anyone out there selling these services in Central Virginia for one stop shopping that could provide a plan to achieve the highest efficiencies based on what is available.  We moved from England and it is much easier to find these services in London as they seem to be further advanced in eco-technology. 

 Let me know if you have any good ideas on places to start.  We have an architect helping with the re-design of our gutted house but I want to make sure we can find educated people to help us achieve the most value for money.  We also have a general contractor in place but his experience with this is limited.

 Regards, Shelley B.



Thank you for your inquiry.  As well, thank you for your prospective investment in doing your part to conserve our planet's precious and limited resources.

I wish I could recommend a single source for acquisition of all of these products and services, but I don't know of one locally.  Solar panels are something of a specialty - typically supplied and installed by firms that do not deal with hydronics.  Likewise, smart tech is a different specialty.  A desire to "bundle" these is similar, I think, to wanting an electrician that also hangs drywall.

There are, however, some sources that can help you identify and pull-together the team you will need.  First and foremost, look to your architect and general contractor.  Clearly, sustainable systems (mostly less-traditional) is at or near the top of your list of remodeling requirements.  Is your architect unfamiliar or resistant to specifying these systems, or coordinating with the design of the work?  If so, I would say that you certainly have the wrong architect.  Likewise, the right GC should be able to source these things for you.

Otherwise, there are some local organizations that share your interests, and are likely your best resource for information:

Green Building Council (local chapter)

Virginia Sustainable Building Network

I did contact local firm Delta Temp, to see if they might be able to provide some direction, and President Marty Felps responded as follows:



 You can call me at 804/739-5854 and I will be glad to help out. We install Geothermal heating/cooling systems (26 years) and radiant floor heat systems(10years).

  Marty Felps


We wish you the very best with your environmentally-friendly undertaking!


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written by Shelley , July 24, 2008
Hi Mason - thanks for answering. We have met with Delta but we are not sure they can offer all of the services that we are looking for. I understand your analogy about bundling these services together but it seemed like an obvious business that someone would be doing. I say this because we were in Orlando recently and just happen to catch the Eco Trade show. We were speaking to a company called Eco Technologies and they offer services where they come to your house and do an evaluation and then offer the services that would make it more efficient. The idea would be that you don't have 4 or 5 different companies offering different services that don't work together or even worse, completely overlap each other. Our architect has done water recycling and our contractor has experience with radiant heat, but it is a shame that we can't find someone in Virginia that offers a whole planned efficiency program for homeowners. Maybe it is something down the road....

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