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Feb 10

Fabulous Floor Heat!

Posted by C. Mason Hearn | Tags: water heater, tile, renovation, plumbing, maintenance, HVAC, floors


We just purchased a 45 year old home that has had renos but I'd like to put a heated ceramic floor for the family room in the basement. ( 24x16) It now has laminate over concrete!!! Nasty! What is the safest and best way to do this knowing that there might be basement water damage every 100 years :) The house is in a river community.




Dear Liz:

Heated floors are wonderful.  If you buy-into the magazine ads run buy floor heating companies, your naked baby and the

Sep 18

Pucker-up, Pergo!

Posted by C. Mason Hearn | Tags: repairs, maintenance, floors

Hi Mason,

My husband and I installed a cheap laminate hardwood. Everyone says you shouldn't apply polyurethane to laminate. I tested two planks, and they seem to be fine. My goal is to seal the edges/seams with the poly and to add more high gloss sheen. When moisture sits on a seam and is not cleaned up right away, the edge will pucker. Thanks for your advice.



 I’m on a pun-roll, so I have to say this.  “Should the edges pucker-up when wet, that would be just swell!”  But

Jan 22

Something to do on Saturday - Flush your Water Heater

Posted by C. Mason Hearn | Tags: water heater, plumbing, maintenance


A plumber was recently at my home to repair our malfunctioning water heater.  He replaced something (a rod?) and everything seems to be fine.  He did tell me that we should FLUSH our water heater more often.  WHAT?  I have never heard of such a thing.  Is this for real??

Rob M., Chesterfield



Yes; this is one of those home maintenance routines often unknown or overlooked by most homeowners.  Although not quite as simple as flushing a toilet, you can, and should, flush your water heater regularly.  (What does that mean?)  Depends on the quality of your water supply and age / condition

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