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Jul 19

Chic Coutertops for the Granite-Averse

Posted by C. Mason Hearn | Tags: remodeling, kitchens, green, granite, design, countertops

I went shopping today with a client that was disinclined to use granite tops in her new kitchen.  As my readers may know, I am a huge

Sep 08

Granite Countertops Safety Scare

Posted by C. Mason Hearn | Tags: safety, kitchens, granite, countertops


I have read and seen a lot in the media recently about the dangers of radiation from granite countertops.  I have always thought that stone tops would be a great improvement to my own kitchen, but now I am concerned.  What do you think?

Lisa C., Richmond, VA



I recall way-back-when, we made fun of the saccharin / cancer scare.  How many pounds of sweetener could one possibly gorge a lab rat with, and did that have anything to do with our own use?

Well, I have not dedicated years of my life to the type of scientific research that generates these assertions, so my opinion is based on

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