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Jul 03

Trashy Gravel Remedy

Posted by C. Mason Hearn | Tags: landscaping, driveway


Is there any good way to keep a gravel garden path or driveway free of debris? ... get the kids to pluck the crap out with tweezers?  I can't keep mine clean. Makes me nuts. Any tips?

- Lisa C  Richmond, VA



Hmmm.... Tweezers sounds like a good way to keep the teenagers occupied during the summer months.  That aside, I know that most folks prefer their garden maintenance to be a simple as possible.  

From my perspective as "sometimes-garden designer" and "sometimes-yard-grunt", I can suggest to you that you should first specify and install the right type of gravel.  We always advise

May 31

Driveway Reminiscent of Dan Akroyd, Refrigerator Repairman

Posted by C. Mason Hearn | Tags: repairs, driveway, cracks

We have a 13 year old aggregate driveway that has a number of cracks throughout. They are not severe, but I am afraid they will get worse with time. Is there a way to repair them or do we have to replace the driveway with a new one?

Robert S.; Glen Allen, VA



We get so many inquiries here regarding domestic cracks of all sorts... perhaps there might be some business plan that might be written around these.  Hey, do you remember Dan Akroyd in that very old SNL skit, the refrigerator repairman?

If the extent and nature of the cracks is indicative of settlement (ie: the original subgrade

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