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Jan 15

You CAN, but you MAY NOT!

Posted by C. Mason Hearn | Tags: tile, renovation, remodeling, floors, cracks, bathrooms

Hi! We have a early 1930s house. The bathroom has an old tile floor set in cement, with plywood and vinyl laid over the top of this. We want to install a new tile floor. Can we install directly over the vinyl (on top of the plywood), or will this cause cracks? If we take out the plywood, can we tile over the old tile? Thank you!



Dear Mark:

I am reminded of one of my favorite movies, "Avalon", where a kid raises his hand and asks his grammar teacher "Can I go to the bathroom?"  The

Aug 20

Mind the Gap

Posted by C. Mason Hearn | Tags: tile, remodeling, kitchens, handyman, cracks, countertops


We have remodeled our kitchen and are to

Feb 25

Dr. House on Chasing Leaks

Posted by C. Mason Hearn | Tags: windows, window leaks, stucco, repairs, leaks, exteriors, cracks


Here's one for you ... how do you fix a leaking window - in a stucco / concrete block house ... that comes somewhere from the wall above (appears above the window), but only when raining from a certain direction ... which no one else can isolate??

In addition, if this is helpful info to know or not (?) ... we also had the entire front face of the house re-painted with 2 coats of a professionally recommended "rubberized" paint that was supposed to give and expand better with the severe high temps we sometimes have here ... the thought supposedly was that it would help fix it by

Jan 05

Plasterboard Ceiling Repairs

Posted by C. Mason Hearn | Tags: repairs, cracks


My husband and I have been fixing up a 1950's ranch home for several years.  We patched a long crack in the ceiling (did it ourselves; we're pretty handy).  It looked great for maybe six months, but it has reappeared recently.  Is there anything we should consider before patching again, to make it go away forever?

Wendy S.  Midlothian Va



Consider a government bailout!

Really, the influence of the U.S. Government during times of special need, likely had a great deal to do with your ceiling crack.  You are likely aware that many older homes have thick plaster-on-lathe walls and

May 31

Driveway Reminiscent of Dan Akroyd, Refrigerator Repairman

Posted by C. Mason Hearn | Tags: repairs, driveway, cracks

We have a 13 year old aggregate driveway that has a number of cracks throughout. They are not severe, but I am afraid they will get worse with time. Is there a way to repair them or do we have to replace the driveway with a new one?

Robert S.; Glen Allen, VA



We get so many inquiries here regarding domestic cracks of all sorts... perhaps there might be some business plan that might be written around these.  Hey, do you remember Dan Akroyd in that very old SNL skit, the refrigerator repairman?

If the extent and nature of the cracks is indicative of settlement (ie: the original subgrade

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