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Sep 12

Home Advice from a Realtor

Posted by C. Mason Hearn | Tags: value, resale value, kitchens, bathrooms

Everyone is familiar with those shows on cable television, following the processes wherein homes are bought and sold.  Designed to Sell, House Hunters, Curb Appeal, and others have become Home & Garden TV phenomena.

While so much of home improvement television is deeply rooted in fantasy, these shows have some real-world applications.  Richmond's own Nancy Frazier of Long & Foster Real Estate is likely one of the most experienced and successful agents in our area.  Over the course of hundreds of listings, sales and buyer representation, Nancy has learned exactly what attracts buyers, and makes

Sep 08

Granite Countertops Safety Scare

Posted by C. Mason Hearn | Tags: safety, kitchens, granite, countertops


I have read and seen a lot in the media recently about the dangers of radiation from granite countertops.  I have always thought that stone tops would be a great improvement to my own kitchen, but now I am concerned.  What do you think?

Lisa C., Richmond, VA



I recall way-back-when, we made fun of the saccharin / cancer scare.  How many pounds of sweetener could one possibly gorge a lab rat with, and did that have anything to do with our own use?

Well, I have not dedicated years of my life to the type of scientific research that generates these assertions, so my opinion is based on

Sep 02

Barnwood Restoration

Posted by C. Mason Hearn | Tags: repairs, renovation, preservation, millwork, kitchens, DIY

Question for Mason:

We are finally after 4 years re insulating our kitchen walls. The drywall has been removed as well as a layer of old barnboards.  We have reinsulated and the vapor barrier is in place.  I like the idea of putting the barnboards back and having a rustic looking kitchen wall.  My question is how would you refinish barnboard? (this board is really old and has a rough dark colour to it).  And what would I use to fill the gaps between boards? 

-Tracy H



Wow!  This sounds like an exciting project with the prospect of adding a very unique finish to your kitchen walls.  I love

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