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Sep 30

Critter Control

Posted by C. Mason Hearn | Tags: renovation
I have beveled wood siding - cedar I guess - on a 40 year old house. I had an instance last fall/winter where mice found an entry point in my garage. The entry point was just outside the door frame where it meets the bottom run of siding, underneath. It appears that all of the bottom run of my siding does have a little space (an inch or so) up behind it, and overtime, at least at the door frame entry point it appears that time took it's toll and allowed the mice to squeeze in. The house is in really good shape, but I was thinking of using caulk (or something) to fill in that inch of space
Sep 11

Wallcovering Removal

Posted by C. Mason Hearn | Tags: wallpaper, DIY

Help! I have planned to remove wallpaper in a small bathroom today while my husband takes our three children to a football game. I have done this before and generally know how to do it, but it isn't going well. I have scored the paper and am using the DIF wallpaper remover. I have covered it with plastic bags to allow the remover to soak into the paper prior to scraping. It isn't coming off and I fear that there is a coating on the paper. Do you have any suggestions?

Sara in Richmond


A mother of three should not have to remove wallpaper. I take it that you are much less of a sports

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