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Nov 24

Color My World - 2010

Posted by C. Mason Hearn | Tags: remodeling, design
  The psychological influence of our environment is undeniable.  As the Creator established and continually transforms our natural environment, we designers of city plans, architecture, landscape, interiors and decorative / industrial goods exert a similar influence on the built environment.

I will be the first to admit that picking colors is not my primary area of competence.  Architectural design, however, is only a piece of what makes our built environment "come alive".  Materials selections, textures, and color are huge considerations in conveying a design statement.  Good design should

Nov 18

Repair or Replace Shower?

Posted by C. Mason Hearn | Tags: repairs, bathrooms

Mason :

My home is 12 years old, in beautiful Beaverdam. My heel went through the shower floor of the Lasco one-piece pre-fab 47"W x 34"D x 72"H fiberglass shell.  The break is 4.5".  While on my hands and knees, I noticed two small sets of spiderweb cracks in addition to the big break.

My wife says time for a tiled shower. I say let's get it repaired.  How do we decide? 

Steve S.



I am sure you've heard that old joke about how men shower versus how women shower.  It starts with the man undressing in the bedroom, leaving his clothes on a heap in the floor, laughing as he shakes his stuff

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