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Dec 03

Green Bath Remodel

Posted by C. Mason Hearn | Tags: remodeling, green

Could HomeMasons advise me on saving money in remodeling by reusing existing components of my house like doors, cabinets and the like? It would be helpful if you could tell me where reuse of my existing materials would save money and where it would not be advisable.

Could you also give advise on how to incorporate "green" energy saving and "sustainable" components in my remodeling project?

PB in Richmond


“Green” remodeling has little to do with your color selections (although I do believe that 60's Avocado is coming back!). Remodeling, a form of recycling, is inherently “green”.
Dec 03

HVAC Replacement?

Posted by C. Mason Hearn | Tags: HVAC

I am considering the purchase of a 1960’s home, which has a couple of old-looking heating and air conditioning systems. I am concerned that these might be in need of replacement. How would I know if these are going to be a problem?


Dear Patrick:

First, let me suggest the engagement of an independent, professional home inspector prior to making any purchase decisions on an older home. These guys are well worth their fees, to let you know what you might be getting into in regards mechanical systems, as well as the multitude of other concerns you might encounter. Naturally, expect

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